Frequently Asked Questions

Jackpot slots FAQ

  1. How do Jackpots Work?

The basic or non-progressive jackpot is a fixed number of money that is paid out by the machine when the slot is hit. Basic jackpots tend to be smaller and much easier to hit than, for example, a Progressive Jackpot that we will discuss below. Once a Jackpot is paid out, the jackpot is returned to the fixed number

  1. What Exactly is a Progressive Jackpot?

A Progressive Jackpot is one that increases each time a game is played but the jackpot is not won. It has no fixed amount. As time passes and more players try to win the jackpot, the jackpot keeps on growing. Progressive Jackpots are often the largest and most lucrative types of jackpots available in online slots.

  1. Which Online Slots have the Largest Jackpots?

The online slots that have the largest jackpots at the time of writing are the following:

  • The largest progressive jackpot available in the UK is Mega Moolah from MGS. It is now worth a life-changing £6,674.269.
  • The second largest jackpot is with Playtech’s Jackpot Giant. It is a large £5.18 million prize payout.
  • Number 3 on the list is NetEnt’s Hall of Gods, worth a cool £3.40 million.
  • Fourth on the list is Empire Fortune: Joker from Yggdrasil. It’s worth £2.05 million.
  • Beach Life jackpot rounds out the top 5 slots with the largest jackpots. A Playtech product, the jackpot is now worth £1.83 million.
  1. What are Pooled Jackpots?

Pooled Jackpots are jackpots can be linked across games, machines, casinos, and websites. This can this is what can make their payouts so outstanding. They might be linked to tens of other sites. This is in contrast to a local jackpot that is linked to only one casino or website. Although the local jackpots may not be as large, your chances of winning one may be higher because quite simply, there are less people chasing after the same big win.

  1. Can You Win a Jackpot with Free Spins?

The answer is actually “no”. You cannot win a jackpot with a free spin but you can win a jackpot from the money that you earn from that free spin.

  1. What is the RTP of Jackpot Slots?

RTP stands for Return to Player and it is the term used to describe the expected payback percentage for a certain jackpot slot over the long term. The RTP for is represented by the percentage; therefore, an RTP of 93.5% means that you can expect to receive £93.50 back from every £100.00 that you play. Once again, the RTP is calculated over the long haul and not over a short period.

In general, online jackpot slots with an RTP of 93.99% or less do not offer very good odds at winning. Online slots that that offer RTPs between 94% and 96.99% are acceptable to good. Online slots that offer RTPs between 97% and 98.5% are in the range of very good to extremely favourable. The RTP tells the play a lot about the value of the game and helps you define a winning strategy.

  1. Who creates the Best Jackpot Slots?

This is a loaded question. Each company has its own style and special skills when it comes to the design of online jackpot slots. Some companies, for example, may excel in amazing graphics while others may be better at game play. It’s a very individual choice.

Even so, there are a few major players in the design of online jackpot slots that should be mentioned in any list. They are (in no particular order):

Microgaming is the UK-based in the Isle of Man who is behind Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot, the online slot that gave the largest payout in history in October, 2015. Jonathan Heywood won roughly £13,209,300 playing the game and is now set for life. Their stable of online slots is truly impressive and they have many loyal fans worldwide.

This Swedish company is the force behind Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slot as well Halls of Gods and many other successful jackpot slots. Mega Fortune alone has paid out some of the largest jackpot hits in the history of online gaming. Their graphics are clean and their games are fun to play.

One of the biggest names in online gaming software, Playtech was created in 1999 and since then has created some of the biggest online jackpot slots in the field. From Jackpot Giant to Beach Life to Gladiator, Playtech’s online slots are always highly ranked for both their playability and in listings for the highest jackpots waiting to be paid out.

  • Yggdrasi Gaming.

Yggdrasi Gaming (pronounced “Yg drasil” and named after an immense tree in Norse mythology) is a relatively new company, being founded in 2013, calls itself an established underdog among giants and provides games like Empire Fortune Joker and (Sherlock) Holmes Stolen Stones to a variety of the world’s largest online gaming suppliers. It has made a big impression in its few short years.