Record Jackpot Win

When it comes down to it, big money jackpot wins are really the reason we play online slots. After all, who doesn’t dream of that life-changing few spins that end up with a multi-million pound payout. Who wouldn’t dream of the things that they could do, the places they could go, and the changes that they could make in the life of family and friends – a record jackpot win. Here are a few such stories. Look at them as both inspiration and motivation. Look at them as proof that somebody is going to win a big cash payout so why couldn’t it be you? As they say, you can’t win if you don’t spin!

  1. British Soldier wins a £13.2 Million Payout on a 25p Stake!

Jon Heywood winner from Afghanistan

Now this is the type of story of which legends are made. Jon Heywood, a 26 year-old soldier from Crewe, Cheshire and who has done a tour in Afghanistan, won one the largest online slots jackpot in the UK starting out with only a 25p stake playing Mega Moolah, in 2015. Even more amazing, it only took him seven minutes to win so big.

The massive jackpot was hit during a difficult time in Heywood’s life. He had just lost his grandfather and his dad was extremely ill awaiting a heart and lung transplant. He vowed that some of his winnings would go toward buying the “best possible medical treatment” for his dad.

“That’s more important than anything,” Heywood continued. “Family comes first and I would give all this money back for him to be healthy again.”

Besides the medical bills Heywood plans to pay, he also plans to send his family on a Mediterranean cruise and to buy himself a yellow Bentley Continental GT. “I never even dreamt of driving a Bentley,” the avid F1 fan said. “I’m got a Fiat Punto at the moment.”

  1. 40 Year-Old Finn wins €17.8 million Playing Mega Fortune.

A 40 year-old man from Helsinki won big in 2013 when he hit the NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot, which was at the time, a record jackpot win.  Not much is known about the lucky winner except his is sure to have been one of the happiest people on the planet when he collected the massive hit. The win equated to about £14.9 million pounds in yesterday’s money and was registered at the time in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest online slots win in history.

  1. Scottish Fisherman Hits a £5.4 Million Jackpot with a Stake of 20p.

Choosing to remain anonymous, this unidentified trawler fisherman and father of one landed the biggest catch of his life in 2013 when he netted a £5.4 million record jackpot playing the Hall of Gods video slot.

Hall of Gods jackpot slot win

The Aberdeenshire resident took only a half hour to hit the big winnings starting with a 20p bet and called the whole episode as “a dream come true.” He added “I can only the feeling of winning as equal to, but different from, the day I saw my son born.”

The mystery winner plans to keep on fishing because he would miss it, but he also plans to take some time off to decide what to do with the cash and what charities to donate to. “We have no worries about the future now.”

  1. Glasgow Librarian Wins £4.5 Million Playing Jackpot Giant.

An unnamed librarian from Glasgow was the luckiest person in the UK when she won and astounding £4.5 million in January, 2015. Playing Jackpot Giant, a popular Playtech online slot, the win is even more exciting because it is now the largest win on online mobile slots in the UK history.

The winner chooses to remain anonymous but said, “I picked up my mobile and started playing while I was watching TV. Minutes later, I saw a huge string of numbers and realised that I’d hit the jackpot. I was simply blown away and couldn’t believe that I won.”

She had been a loyal online slots player for three years and time she wagered just one £4 spin on her Android phone to hit the big jackpot.

To top it all off, she was back at the library the very next day, as if nothing had happen.

Largest ever Land-based Casino Winnings

Las Vegas record jackpot

Land-based casinos normally have smaller RTP and payouts due to the exorbitant overheads that maintaining a brick-and-mortar casino involves. Even so, there are some historical payouts:

  • The highest payout in a land-based casino was £25 million ($39.7 million) in 2003 dollars. It occurred at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas and won by a Los Angeles software engineer. It was also paid out in 25 annual instalments.
  • The second highest hit on a land-based slot was approximately £32.1 million in the exchange rate of the year 2000. However, because the payout was in $34.9 million US, it remains the second largest payout. This story had a tragic ending however. The winner, Cynthia-Jay Brennan, was rear-ended by a drunk driver 6 weeks later. Her sister was killed and she was left a quadriplegic.
  • The third highest land-based casino paid out £16.3 million pound ($27.5 million) and was won by a 67 year old flight attendant in Las Vegas who mistakenly inserted $300 into the machine instead of $100. We are not sure how that occurred but sometimes mistakes pay off big.